Saturday, December 17, 2011

-- Yesterday was a Sick Day (I'm blaming the oysters I had for my birthday dinner. As Sam said, the moral of the story is clearly not to eat anything that looks like snot) so I spent the entire day either laying on the sofa reading or laying on the sofa snoozing. Still, as bad days go, that's a pretty good one.

-- I did very well for my birthday; some painless shopping for boots (knew what I wanted and found it in the very first shop, for half price), a lovely dinner at Loch Fyne (with the caveat regarding oysters above) and some great presents (next books in the Charlie Parker, Merry Gentry and Dexter series, the Misfits boxset, Sherlock S1, Wolverine, brilliant iPhone gloves, Ritual by White Lies, the final volume in Buffy S8 and the Legacy of the Divine Tarot). I think I'm going to enjoy being 45.

-- I'm watching Die Hard 4.0, which is one of my favourite films ever. John McClane is seriously bad-ass (as is Lucy. Lucy is awesome). Some of my most-loved characters are Heroic Bad-asses: John McClane, Jack Bauer, Alex Mahone, Mal Reynolds. It's clearly a Thing. Yippee Ki Yay, Mofo.

-- Writing Things To Do: Final polish on Meredith & Louisa and submit. Edit Isobel. Finish Abby. Rewrite Bert. Rewrite Kerri. Draft The Shining Wire. Outline Regan. Outline/mindmap for Prompt Fic #3. Write a new Weekend Flash.

-- Thought of the Day from the Legacy of the Divine: The Hanging Man/Two of Swords. Perfect equilibrium leads to freedom from the terrorism of choice.

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