Monday, January 9, 2012

Flash Fiction Challenge: Song Shuffle Stories

From Chuck Wendig:

  • Go to Your Favorite Music Player. Dig out your digital music collection.
  • Maybe this is iTunes or Spotify, or use Pandora if you’d rather go that way.
  • Hit SHUFFLE, then “Play.”
  • Meaning, let a random song come bubbling up out of nothing.
  • The title to this song is the title to your story.

My iPod gave me 'Citizen Erased,' by Muse and my brain gave me a drabble (100 words):

Citzen Erased

'She's perfect,' I say.

'Yes,' he says, because she is.

'How can we afford it?' I ask.

He doesn't answer, because we can't.

So I can keep her, this incredible recreation of our daughter, and ruin us.  Or I can let her go, and we can have our lives back.

I fold her into my arms and lay a kiss on her synthetic hair. There's no smell.

'I don't love you,' I tell her.

I touch my finger first to the tear that runs down her cheek, then to my tongue. There's no taste.

It's an easy decision to make.



  1. This might be my favorite (of the entries I've read so far). It's so poignant, and not a word is wasted or unnecessary. Brilliantly done!

  2. not to mutually back scratch, at all, but I found your blog from mine and this is fantastic :)

    Concise but emotionally all-encompassing, and I loved the tension between genuine emotion and fake feelings in the piece. Plus it was delightfully unnerving. Great stuff!

  3. This is very good... brilliantly bittersweet.

  4. Such a sad story. Well told.