Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snow Day!

The view from my back garden.

-- Watching Paranormal Activity, and very glad that it's the middle of the day. I have friends who were like 'bumps, moving door, talcum powder, big whoop,' but this film scared (and still does, on second viewing) the living shit out of me. It's the hyperreality of the style that does it, because I identify SO HARD with the characters: all the time, I'm imagining myself in that situation. A door moving on its own might not be the last word in horror, but if that was my door, in my bedroom? I would FREAK THE FUCK OUT. And the bit where she's filmed just standing there watching him sleep for hours? Dude. Seriously.

-- Things To Do: compile a Reading List of classic and should-be-read spec fic.

-- Dean Wesley Smith makes the point that feedback should be used to target areas of your writing to improve -- but in the *next* story, not in that one, because you always learn better by writing new words than by trying to rewrite what you've already done.  Fascinating.

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