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The Bad Ones Are Always the Best - Horror - 2,500 words
It’d come as a bit of a shock, of course, finding the portal. But once they calmed down, it made sense. For posh kids, yeah, doorways to other worlds would be found at the back of wardrobes stuffed with fur coats — but for the likes of Marty and his mates, they’d appear in dirty great holes in the middle of building sites. It made perfect sense. 
Published in Kzine Issue 27, May 2020

In the Fog, There's Nothing but Grey - Horror, 1,437 words
There’s something about this newcomer that sets my spidey-sense humming. I can’t put my finger on what, but sometimes that’s how it is: the eyes send a message straight to the hairs on the back of the neck, bypassing the brain completely. Which maybe isn’t such a bad thing, considering the brain’s not the be-all and end-all it used to be. 
Published in Black Static Issue 67, Jan 2019   

Dead Bodies Don't Scream - Horror - 4,032 words
Allie wipes her eyes, then stands up and kisses Rae’s hair. ‘I’ll be back soon,’ she says. Because the universe doesn’t care about right and wrong; she’s always known that. It doesn’t care about fairness or justice or providing miracles. If you need any of those things, you have to go and get them for yourself.
Published in Tales from the Lake Vol 5, Nov 2018

Gifted - SF/Horror - 3,744 words
Concentration was a virtue. So was obedience. Francie sat still and focused on the items in front of her: a cotton wool pad, a fifty pence piece, a yellow tennis ball and a large textbook called Gifted: Developing Extraordinary Potential in Ordinary Children by Dr Paulina Lomax. Francie had tried to read it once, to be polite, but she didn’t get very far. She liked the photos of all the brains, though. 
Published at Dark Fire Fiction, Jun 2018

You Don't Want What I Get - Horror - 1,197 words
When they go up to collect their cut I stay where I am, sitting on the table. Smoking. They don’t like that either, some of them. Bunch of tough guys, worried about lung cancer. Crazy. 
Published in The Sirens Call eZine, Feb 2018

Failure's Not an Option  - Horror/Comedy - 1,992 words
It’s the first of the month and we’re ready to crack on. Our target’s only gone up by five percent, so we’re not panicking. It’s fine. We can do that. 
Published at Bourbon Penn, Sep 2017

15 Things You Should Know Before You Say Yes - SF - 520 words
1. Technically, you don’t have to. The Special Ambassador programme is for people who can embrace the future in a spirit of friendship and harmony, and our Allies do realise not everyone is ready to do that yet. So they’ll understand if you say no, although it will upset them. 
 2. You don’t want to upset them. 
Published at Daily Science Fiction, July 2017

Light Winds With a Chance of Velociraptors - Fantasy - 2,592 words
‘That’s the worst thing about the end of the world,’ Elsie said, staring mournfully into a teacup that had long ago been licked clean of every last drop of Tetleys and soggy crumb of custard cream. ‘Routines go straight out the window.’ 
Published at Metaphorosis, Jun 2017

For Your Safety and Comfort, Please Keep Arms, Legs and Tentacles Inside the Car At All Times - Fantasy - 3,215 words
‘I found God. And I don’t mean I became a born-again Christian or anything, I mean I literally discovered the omnipotent creator of the universe. While I was doing that house clearance in Balham.’ 
Published at Strange Constellations, Mar 2017

The Five Stages of Grief - Superhero Fantasy -  2,172 words
The news breaks at half past ten in the morning. At first I just snort and dismiss it, because faking her own death is exactly the kind of thing she does all the time.
Published at Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show Issue 55, Feb 2017

When I Loved Him, it was Forever - Horror - 400 words
They never answered me, but I knew they heard. They heard my voice in the cold air that sank teeth into their bones, in the darkness that prowled at the edges of their vision. 
Published in Fifty Flashes from Whortleberry Press, Feb 2017

Responsible Employers Take Care of Their People - Horror - 1,467 words
‘I’m Dr Harper,’ she says, holding out her hand and offering him a professional smile. He ignores both and spits on the office floor, missing her shoe by an inch. Good start. 
Published in Dark Moon Digest Issue 26, from Perpetual Motion Publishing, Jan 2017

Harmonious Music and the Spawn of the Devil - Crime - 500 words
There’s always been something about my sister that makes people want to give her things: sweets, drinks, tickets to clubs, lifts in shiny red cars. 
Published in Crooked Holster 3: an Anthology of Crime Writing, Dec 2016

Fast as Lightning, Still as Stone - Horror - 1,860 words
She's been waiting for this knock for half the night, but it still makes her jump. Adrenalin hits her like a well-aimed punch in the gut, robbing her of breath for a long and painful moment. 
Published at Unsung Stories, Oct 2016

We're All Friends Here - Science Fiction - 4,406 words
In the old book our film's based on, Kip becomes more determined than ever to go out swinging, and the story ends with him getting killed during a huge shootout with the police in a third act packed with gunfire and explosions. Violent nihilism was popular in the twenty-first century.
Published at The Sockdolager, Oct 2016

Good, Fine, No - Horror - 2,308 words
When it’s over — which is a ridiculous thing to say, she knows, because it’s never going to be over — Gina runs. She shaves her head, changes her name and tries to disappear into the anonymous concrete rat runs of a dozen different cities. Tries to forget any of it ever happened. 
Published at Solarcide, Sep 2016

God State - SF - 1300 words
'Seriously? You're complaining that people don't get rat-arsed, fling bottles of piss at the stage, gob in your hair, and trample you underfoot in the rush to get the last tube? You miss that?' 
Published at Daily Science Fiction, Aug 2016

Free to Loving Home (Donation Required) - SF - 728 words
As advised in your initial query packs, this version of Paul is 33 years old and was rescued from a continuum in which human society was destroyed due to a viral pandemic.
Podcasted at Manawater Studio, June 2016

There You Are, My Love - Supernatural - 1,002 words
I'm a painter. My father was a painter. My father killed himself. Two plus two equals don't let Marcus out of your sight in case he does something stupid.
Podcasted at Manawater Studio, June 2016

A Partial Inventory of Things I Have Loved  - Fantasy - 973 words 
I take off my gloves and fold them in my lap. ‘Octavia McNeill. We spoke on the phone this morning. I’m here for emotional redirection.’ 
Published at Flash Fiction Online, June 2016

I Am Not Your Doppelgänger - Fantasy - 497 words -
We're not that different, really, he and I; it's all shapeshifting of a sort. 
Published at The Flash Fiction Press, June 2016

My Sister, the Fairy Princess -- Horror - 1,700 words
Mom told me once that Daisy was a changeling, a child of a world not our own. She denied it later, said I must have imagined it, but I knew I hadn’t. It stayed with me because it made so much sense: my sister, the fairy princess. 
Published in Black Static Issue 52, May 2016

Best Friends Forever - SF - 790 words
'What the hell, kid? This is a robot. You can't do empathic sharing with a robot.'
Published at Daily Science Fiction, May 2016

Sometimes You're the Windscreen, Sometimes You're the Fly - Fantasy - 878 words 
I took to crossing the road without looking, since I’ve always wanted to get run over by a bus.
Published in Issue 1 of Outlook Springs, April 2016

Where There's Magic - Secondary fantasy - 6,980 words
The witch had a favourite saying: where there's life, there's magic. There was a second part--where there's magic, there's death--but she usually kept that to herself. 
Published at Kaleidotrope, Apr 2016
Listen to the audio by Far Fetched Fables, Aug 2017

Not Recommended for Guests of a Philosophically Uncertain Disposition - Contemporary Fantasy - 2,600 words
'Food is important,' Jem said. 'Blood sugar should be kept within optimum parameters to ensure emotional stability. It says so in the Employee Handbook.' 
Published in Interzone issue 263, March 2016
Listen to the audio by Drabblecast, Oct 2019

At a Subtly Different Frequency - SF - 353 words
No, the only sensible explanation is that she's not human. She's a changeling, an alien, a denizen of an alternate dimension.
Published at The Flash Fiction Press, March 2016

Send in the Ninjas - Contemporary Fantasy - 3,282 words
Mattie is the woman who invented the DoppelFeed. Although invented isn’t really the right word. Invented suggests the scientific method and a mind of disciplined genius, and while genius could be in the right conceptual neighbourhood when it comes to Mattie, discipline definitely isn’t. Discipline lives in a different part of the world altogether. Or a different part of the multiverse, to be more on point. 
Published at Artemis Rising at Podcastle, Feb 2016

An Object Lesson in Misanthropy - Science fiction - 912 words
'Zoe was an accident,' Mum said. 'I never wanted to have kids. Never thought I'd be able to -- freaks of nature are usually sterile.'
Published at EGM Shorts, Mar 2012

Please Enter Through the Meditation Room, the Snack Bar's on Your Left - Contemporary Fantasy  - 1,941 words
Rupert nodded encouragingly. ‘Good choice,’ he told them. ‘You don’t want to go into something like this on an empty stomach. Balanced blood sugar, that’s the key.'
Published at Bards & Sages, Jan 2016

The Kind Hearts of Children and the Spirit of the Season - Horror - 954 words
Trina had hoped he would tell her all about having an aneurysm (her new very favourite word) the way Elizabeth had told her about being strangled. How long did an aneurysm take? Did it hurt? She'd been looking forward to finding out.
Published at Every Day Fiction, Dec 2015

Possibly Nefarious Purposes - Science fiction - 4314 words
'So you start out intending to have a quiet night in, but that’s not interesting enough for them, so they interfere. And before you know it, instead of spending the evening on the sofa with a nice cup of tea and a Bruce Willis film, you’re spending it cleaning intestines off the ceiling.’ 
Published in Love Hurts from Meerkat Press, Dec 2015

The God of Blood and Bone - Horror - 4,284 words
He gives me a sharp look. ‘You sure? Because she says there’s no other bloke, but I don’t believe that for a second. There’s always another bloke.' 
Published at Liquid Imagination, Nov 2015

And in the End, They All Lived Happily Ever After - Fantasy - 474 words
They know their place, their role and function, just as he does. Just as they all do. Carriage, driver, horses, footmen: a perfect, integrated team. 
Published at Daily Science Fiction, Oct 2015

Meredith Said - Science fiction - 1,639 words
Meredith said that he should always remember that history gets written by the winners, and that what was in the books wasn't always how it actually happened in real life.
Published at Spaceports & Spidersilk, Oct 2015

Smash and Grab - Science fiction - 3,037 words
He usually preferred to take pain from others rather than suffer himself, but he wasn't going to waste it when he did. Some of his best customers were masochists. 
Published at Kzine Issue 13, Sep 2015

The Visitors - Science fiction - 760 words
Nothing was normal, not any more. The word was redundant, obsolete, anachronistic. Normal had taken one look at the visitors and given up.
Published at SQ Magazine, Jan 2015

Wrong Word - Science fiction - 818 words
Alliance, that was what you were supposed to call it. Not invasion. Alliance. We're all friends here.
Published at Daily Science Fiction, Jan 2015
Podcasted at Manawaker Studio, June 2016

Born Under a Lucky Star - Dark contemporary fantasy - 1,994 words
'You know what they're like, these two. When does anything bad ever happen? Born under a lucky star, the pair of them. Hell, the whole family was.'
Published at Unsung Stories, Dec 2014

Waiting to Burn - Secondary fantasy - 700 words
'Fire's the most natural thing in the world,' she said. 'Or, if you want to get mythical, the gift of the gods.'
Published at Chrome Baby, October 2014

Jump, and I'll Catch You - Science Fiction - 2,778 words
Being Polite was like lying, but not the normal kind. If you were trying to pretend your sister had broken something when it was really you, that was normal lying and that was still wrong. This kind of lying was special, and it was only done because you wanted to make people happy, and have a nice time. Especially with Our New Friends.
Published at Daily Science Fiction, July 2014
Audio version recorded by Drabblecast, Dec 2015

The Fine Art of Fortune-Telling - Dark contemporary fantasy - 3,966 words
It clearly isn’t considered decent to try to duck out of your own mother’s memorial ceremony, especially in favour of a trip to Pizza Express. Even Alan’s tolerance has some limits. In my husband’s world, when your parents die you mark the occasion appropriately. And since I like his world and want to carry on living in it, that’s what I’ve agreed to do.
Published at Fantasy Scroll Magazine, 2014

Tomorrow, We'll Go Yak Herding - Science fiction - 2,475 words
Scientific study of the displacements is a new and mostly untested field. For at least the first few weeks, it was all written off as practical jokes, mistakes or overactive imaginations. It wasn't until Buckingham Palace became a theme park that it started to be taken seriously.
Published at Strange Horizons, 2 Jun 2014
Listen to the podcast of this story, read by Anaea Lay, here

Black Thumb - Horror - 2,735 words
It takes Debra a while to realise the phone is ringing. She's finding it harder and harder to hear anything other than the song, now. 
Published in Black Treacle Issue #6, 29 Apr 2014 

Garden of Fog and Monsters - Science Fiction - 2,088 words
The aliens were here first, so they get to set the price of admission. Their territory, their rules.
Published in Astronomical Odds from Third Flatiron Publishing, 8 Mar 2014

Organic Materials - Comic Fantasy - 2,493 words
Chet Fortune was everything Keith loathed in a person, and particularly in a next door neighbour: big, loud, uncouth, and possessed of a huge Irish Wolfhound that was on a mission to fertilise every square inch of grass, patio and flowerbed in Essex. Even his name was irritating; it made him sound like a film star when he was really a window fitter from Basildon.
Published in Twisted Boulevard from Elektrik Milk Bath Press, 8 Mar 2014

To Remember the Good Times - Science fiction - 1,317 words
Doctor Adil fully explained the consequences to me, and I know every time I visit it's hastening my father's deterioration. But I'm getting old myself now, and fast running out of both time and money. Published at Liquid Imagination, 28 Feb 2014

The World Doesn't End, Even When it Should - Horror - 2,443 words 
Yes, it was morally ambiguous. Potentially blasphemous, depending on your religious affiliation (although what was Lazarus, really, if not a zombie?) and, of course, highly illegal. But since when had any of that stopped anybody?
Published at Goldfish Grimm's Spicy Fiction Sushi,  18 Feb 2014

You Pays Your Money and You Takes Your Chance - Science fiction - 1,248 words
She wastes, she is wasting, she has wasted, she will waste. Or will she? Maybe. Maybe not. Nobody knew. That was also the point, wasn't it?
Published in Bards & Sages Quarterly, 27 Jan 2014

Seeing Red  - Science fiction - 1,055 words
His father had given them their official scientific name, but since it was in Latin and had fifteen syllables, nobody else ever used it. To the rest of the colony they were always bqloodflowers.
Published in Bete Noire Magazine #13, 1 Dec 2013

The Portal to a Lost WorldScience fiction - 957 words
'Where are you?' I ask her. I ask that every time, and she never tells me. I'm very much afraid that one year, she will.
Published at Goldfish Grimm's Spicy Fiction Sushi, 15 Nov 2013

Wolf, or Faith in the FutureScience fiction - 620 words
We have a whole new dictionary now, words for things that didn't exist before. And a different definition of horror.
Published at Daily Science Fiction, 4 Nov 2013
Listen to the audio version by Manawaker Studio, Nov 2018

Congratulations on Your Apotheosis - Comic fantasy - 4,028 words
You have no idea how hard it can be, as an immortal, omnipotent being, to occupy your time after the first few billion millennia.
Published in Unidentified Funny Objects 2, October 2013
Listen to the audio version by Podcastle, read by Christiana Ellis, here

The Visiphorical ArtScience fiction - 919 words
She's intangible, untouchable, an interloper in the territory of the dead. A ghost among ghosts
Published at SQ Magazine, 1 Sep 2013

Free to Loving Home (Donation Required) - Science fiction - 725 words
As advised in your initial query packs, this version of Paul is 33 years old and was rescued from a continuum in which human society was destroyed due to a viral pandemic.
Published in You, Me & A Bit of We by Chuffed Buff Books, Aug 2013

Sweetie - Horror - 1,661 words
Admittedly, my little travelling show isn’t what it once was. We’ve been on the road for a long, long time. But I like to think that for the discerning customer, we still provide value for money. An experience you can’t get from the computer screen–the modern freakshow–despite all its tricks and special effects…
Published at Drabblecast, 4 July 2013

Getting Shot in the Face Still Stings - Horror - 3,800 words
'You must really have a death wish,' Marc says, and she laughs like that's the funniest thing she's ever heard.
Published at Black Treacle, 7 June 2013

Destiny Fell in Love - Fantasy - 754 words
“They’re all beautiful in L.A,” she said. “They’re all full of fire. It burns too bright, too blinding, and no-one will see you. You’ll be left alone in the dark, lost. Failure tastes like heroin and the scurrying of rats.”
Published at Every Day Fiction, 4 May 2013

Jeanette's Feast - Horror - 3,963 words
There had to be something she didn't like. Something she wouldn't eat. Didn't there?
Published at The Journal of Unlikely Entomology, May 2013

Never Leave Me - Dark fantasy - 1,283 words
First there was true love's kiss, then the fair maiden became the radiant bride, and she lived happily ever after. But the stories all stopped there, and Katrine hadn't realised just how much ever after there would be.
Published at Daily Science Fiction, 22 Apr 2013

Not the Pizza Girl - Comic fantasy - 1,000 words
He reeked of wine, sulphur and incense, and his eyes were glowing red. That didn't bode well, for either of them. The possessed were never big tippers.
Published at Every Day Fiction, 11 March 2013
Listen to the audio version, read by Folly Blaine, here

Out Shopping in HyperspaceScience fiction - 594 words
'Space vegetables?' Joe shook his head. 'You're such a baby, Mia.'
Published at Every Day Fiction, 11 January 2013

Like a Boss - Crime - 1,135 words
The office safe was empty except for a folded bundle of notes that might just about have paid for a couple rounds of beers, his home safe had some fake ID and a rumpled picture of ex-wife number three, the one who disappeared with the alligator wrestler down Florida.  And that was all.  So where was the rest of the stuff?
Published at Yellow Mama, 15th Dec 2012

Leap of FaithScience fiction - 150 words
They say Icarus's sin was hubris.
Published at Apocrypha and Abstractions 12 November 2012

No Past, No Future, Just Now - Horror - 1,677 words
Seven years, the doctors said. The average life expectancy following diagnosis is approximately seven years. 
Published in Morpheus Tales Issue #18 October 2012

Dear Ingrid - Horror- 1,000 words
I know, I know; you hate me. I get that. And I don't blame you. It's totally justified.
Published in Wah Lum's Library September 2012

The Great Escape - Drama - 583 words
It didn't satisfy his daughter. She wanted more. Always did.
Published at Fiction 365, 29th August 2012

Speeding Toward Englightenment - Crime - 1,134 words
I love my sister and I want to help her, but she doesn't make it easy.
Published at The Cynic Online, August 2012

Damnable Behaviour - Drama - 200 words
A lot of people wish they lived in a different time, although most choose the future.
Published at The Pygmy Giant, 2nd July 2012

Stop Me If You've Heard This Before - Crime - 410 words
“Okay,” she said, “here we go. You're going to like this one.”
Published at Flash Fiction Offensive, June 2012

A Cat May Look at a Queen - Fantasy - 638 words
A trial like this was a treat; lawbreakers are a very rare breed in our society.
Published at Hogglepot, May 2012

They Do Things Better in Albuquerque - Crime - 1,559 words
If they're not precursors of disaster in real life, they are in my head. And that's where the important stuff happens, after all.
Published at Infective Ink, Mar 2012

Bring It On - Crime - 383 words
I don't have Em's way with words, but I do have a knife, and a complete lack of anything resembling a conscience.
Published at Shotgun Honey, Mar 2012

Grandpa - Drama - 200 words
'Grandpa,' Tommy said, 'have you got a name?'
Published at Postcard Shorts Feb 2012

There You Are, My Love - Supernatural - 1,002 words
I'm a painter. My father was a painter. My father killed himself. Two plus two equals don't let Marcus out of your sight in case he does something stupid.
Published at Every Day Fiction, Jan 2012

Inside - Horror - 200 words
'Hi, darling,' said the thing that looked like my wife.
Published at Postcard Shorts, Jan 2012

One Free Go - Horror - 2,105 words
It's really getting out of hand lately, all this Halloween business. 
Published and podcasted at Wily Writers Speculative Fiction, Dec 2011

Behind Glass - Horror - 2105 words
Every part of him is sore: bones, muscles, teeth. His joints feel like they're made of ground glass. Even his eyelashes ache, which is a new one.
Published in So Long, and Thanks for All the Brains Dec 11, available on Amazon for Kindle

Lilah Wakes Up - Drama - 383 words
It feels like a sign, but she’s not sure of what.
Published at The Molotov Cocktail, Dec 2011

Not with a Bang - Science fiction - 1,275 words
Answer the calls, read the script, enter the data. And when certain words or phrases come up, type out the alarm codes.
Published at Daily Science Fiction, Jan 2011

Legion - Crime (trigger warning: includes reference to sexual violence) - 1,666 words
Stay in one shape too long, get fixed, and you get caught in other people's stories.
Published at Thrillers, Killers n Chillers, Nov 2010

Full Service Package - Crime - 963 words
When it started to get nasty, they looked at me and they didn't see a crazy woman, a fantasist; they saw a spurned lover. Hell hath no fury, right?
Published at Every Day Fiction, Nov 2010

No Apples for Mother - Science fiction - 869 words
They called me the Mother of Enlightenment in the beginning. Now they call me the Mother of the Apocalypse.
Published at The New Flesh, Sep 2010 

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