Monday, March 24, 2014

Latest story news

New stories published:

To Remember the Good Times - SF - 1,317 words 
Doctor Adil fully explained the consequences to me, and I know every time I visit it's hastening my father's deterioration. But I'm getting old myself now, and fast running out of both time and money.
Free to read now in the latest issue of  Liquid Imagination 

Garden of Fog and Monsters - dark fantasy - 2,088 words
The aliens were here first, so they get to set the price of admission. Their territory, their rules.
Available now in Astronomical Odds by Third Flatiron Publishing 

Organic Materials - Comic Fantasy - 2,493 words
Chet Fortune was everything Keith loathed in a person, and particularly in a next door neighbour: big, loud, uncouth, and possessed of a huge Irish Wolfhound that was on a mission to fertilise every square inch of grass, patio and flowerbed in Essex. Even his name was irritating; it made him sound like a film star when he was really a window fitter from Basildon.
Published in Twisted Boulevard from Elektrik Milk Bath Press, 8 Mar 2014

New sales:

Waiting to Burn - Fantasy - 700 words - sold to Chrome Baby

The Fine Art of Fortune-Telling - dark fantasy - 3,966 - sold to Fantasy Scroll Magazine

Tomorrow, We'll Go Yak Herding - SF - 2,475 words - sold to Strange Horizons