Thursday, December 17, 2020

Latest Story News!


You Don't Want What I Get (Horror) was reprinted in the anthology Greed from Black Hare Press, Sep 2021 

Ghosts in the Psycho-Surgical Transmutation Machine (SF) was published in Issue 22 of Bourbon Penn, Nov 2020

Organic Materials (Comic Horror) was reprinted at Fiction on the Web, 11 Dec 2020


The Kind Hearts of Children and the Sprit of the Season (Horror) will be reprinted in the December 2020 issue of The Siren's Call

We're All Friends Here (SF) will be reprinted in the anthology Phantom from Black Hare Press

The Fine Art of Fortune-Telling (Dark Fantasy) will be reprinted in the anthology The Fox Spirit Book of Love, 2021

Dead Bodies Don't Scream (Horror) will be podcasted at Tales to Terrify, 2021