Friday, February 12, 2021

Reprint - Always Room for More in Twilight Tales (LTUE Anthologies)

Twilight Tales (LTUE Benefit Anthologies) by [Jaleta Clegg, Donna J. W. Munro, Liam Hogan, Victoria Lisowski, Rachel Lewis, Jenean McBrearty, J. D. Robinson, Emily Martha Sorensen, Bill  Housley, Edward  Ahern, Ralph  Benton, Gustavo Bondoni, D. J.  Butler, Vonnie Winslow  Crist, Steve  DuBois, Kirk  Eckstine, Kary  English, Nate  Givens, Kelly A.  Harmon, S. B.  Houghton, Michelle Ann  King, Randy  Lindsay, Stephen  McQuiggan, Mike  Munsil, Wendy  Nikel, Scott R.  Parkin, Bob  Rehak, Jude  Reid, Jeanna Mason  Stay, Joe  Vasicek, Dan  Wells, David J.  West, Amberly Berendson H., Bobbie Berendson W., Joe Monson]
Out now from Hemelein Press: the Twilight Tales LTUE anthology, including my story Always Room for More (originally published by Unsung Stories, Feb 2016)

Things that go bump in the night, mysterious portals to other dimensions and places, bones that know who killed them, seductive vegetation, ghosts that have a tale to tell, and even unexplained behavior in the far reaches of the universe. Twilight Tales contains thirty-one stories each taking you just beyond reality, reminiscent of the rich and uneasy stories by A. Merritt or episodes from the classic Twilight Zone television series. 

In honor of Betty Pope, a former librarian at the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University, Twilight Tales contains stories we think she would have loved. Proceeds from this volume support LTUE’s continuing missions of educating and helping writers, artists, editors, and other creatives in honing the skills needed to achieve success in the field of speculative fiction.

Available in ebook and paperback now!