Friday, August 12, 2022

Latest Story News!


Inside (Horror) appeared in Drabbledark II (Ed. Eric Fomley, Shacklebound Books), May 2022

Light Winds with a Chance of Velociraptors (Comic Fantasy) appeared in DreamForge Magazine, Jun 2022

Organic Materials (Comic horror) appeared in Daikajuzine Issue 10, Jun 2022

Apples and Trees (Crime) appeared in Jacked: a crime fiction anthology (Ed. Vern Smith, Run Amok Books) Jul 2022


Never Meet Your Heroes (Comic Fantasy) will appear in The Fifth Di... 2022

Where There's Magic (Fantasy) will appear in Dragon Gems (Water Dragon Publishing), 2023

The Voices of the Dead (Horror) will appear in Tales from the Moonlit Path, Aug 2022