Friday, February 25, 2022

New Podcast! Let the Buyer Beware at Cast of Wonders


Ellie and Akyxgruxthragoth by Cast of Wonders artist Katherine Inskip

In the latest in an ongoing series of 'Things I never considered an audio narrator having to say out loud,' listen to the adventures of Ellie and Akyxgruxthragoth, her friendly neighbourhood Lovecraftian horror, at Cast of Wonders! 

'Let the Buyer Beware,' (first published at Kaleidotrope July 2021) narrated by Eve Upton for Cast of Wonders episode 487

 '...We're gonna need a bigger banishing kit...'

Monday, February 21, 2022

New story! What Doesn't Kill You at Tales to Terrify


New story out now: What Doesn't Kill You in episode 524 of Tales to Terrify! When Olivia meets a little girl managing to live, maybe even to thrive, in the contaminated Blight, she hopes to find a way for her unborn child, at least, to survive in this strange and terrifying new world.

Read by Georgia Cook: listen to the story here

Monday, February 7, 2022

Latest Story News!


To Haunt His Own Exhausted Heart (Supernatural) appeared in  The Stray Branch, Oct 21

We're All Friends Here (SF) appeared in Fusion Fragment Issue 9, Nov 21

The God of Blood and Bone (Horror) appeared in Dipping Into Blood (Ed. Dorothy Davies, Gravestone Press) Dec 2021


Congratulations on Your Apotheosis (Comic fantasy) will be reprinted in The Lorelei Signal, Apr 2022

What Doesn't Kill You (Horror) will be podcasted by Tales to Terrify, 2022

Let the Buyer Beware (Fantasy) will be podcasted by Cast of Wonders, 2022

Supply, Demand, and Armageddon (SF) will be published in Wyldblood Magazine, 2022