Thursday, January 11, 2024

New story! The Day My Mum Chucked a Bloke From the Government Through the Wormhole in Our Garden in Impossible Worlds


Out now! Impossible Worlds Issue IV, featuring my comic fantasy 'The Day My Mum Chucked a Bloke From the Government Through the Wormhole in Our Garden' 

Six stories of wonder, amazement, and just straight up oddities! From a cat obsessed with Duchovny to government interference in spatial anomalies, this 4th edition of Impossible Worlds is sure to please any SFF Fan. 

Find it here: Impossible Worlds Issue IV, Dec 2023

Friday, January 5, 2024

New story! The Restoration of Carrion Cottage in Dark Moments

My short horror The Restoration of Carrion Cottage is out now in the  Black Hare Press YEAR FIVE anthology: a culmination of all the nano-tales published in the Dark Moments online archive during 2023, and the PATREON stories. 

A perfect restoration project, the estate agent called the place. Well, the website did. Nobody actually bothered coming out there with us, just left the keys and directions at the office. I suppose didn’t see the point; there was little to vandalise and nothing to steal, and if someone had burned it down it would probably have done them a favour.

Available for download here 

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Reprint! 'Supply, Demand, and Armageddon' in Androids & Dragons


My science-meets-capitalism comic SF story, 'Supply, Demand, and Armageddon,' first published by Wyldblood Magazine in April 2022, has been reprinted by new spec fic journal Androids and Dragons

 'Seriously? Have you never watched a single science fiction film in your entire life?' She shook her head. 'I've seen this story before, Remi, and it doesn't end well.' 

 Read it for free here