Saturday, March 12, 2022

Latest Story News!


What Doesn't Kill You (Horror) in Tales to Terrify  episode 524 Feb 2022

Let the Buyer Beware (Comic fantasy) in Cast of Wonders episode 487, Feb 2022

Not the Pizza Girl (Comic fantasy) appeared in Metastellar Reprints, Feb 2022


Tomorrow, We'll Go Yak Herding (Fantasy) will appear on Tall Tale TV, 2022

Apples and Trees (Crime) will appear in Jacked by Run Amok Books, 2022

On Blackened Wings (Horror) will appear in Keys to the Highway from Gravestone Press, 2022

The Logistics of the End of the World (SF/Horror) will appear in The Fifth Di... Sep 2022

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Reprint! Not the Pizza Girl at Metastellar Reprints


Read the origin story of Eddie's Ethereal Emporium and the Great Gidea Park Demon Disaster of 2013  (from Let the Buyer Beware, recently podcasted by Cast of Wonders) in Not the Pizza Girl, out now at Metastellar Reprints.

'You might just be trying to raise an imp to clean the toilet, but you end up with the legions of Beelzebub pouring out of the u-bend. Trust me, I've seen it happen.'