Saturday, June 23, 2012

Recs Round Up

Some stories I've read and enjoyed this week:

The Poinsettia by L. Lambert Lawson at Every Day Fiction.
A woman gets an unexpected lover, pot plant and life advice in this great flash. What I loved most about it is the confident weirdness of the writing; this is a story that's totally comfortable in its own skin.

The Long Con by Megan. R. Engelhardt and Frog/Prince by Melissa Mead, at Daily Science Fiction.
I enjoy remixed fairy tales, and these are a couple of excellent examples. The first has a wonderful psychologically logical core, and the second is a touching and beautfully played out backstory.

Out of Thin Air by Kathryn Netzel at Eunoia Review.
I'm not a massive fan of second person POV, as I don't find it a natural method of storytelling. For this, however, with its self-reflective, journalling style, it works perfectly. A raw, emotional piece.

Zombie vs Ninja by Lee Williams at Smokelong Quarterly.
I just love this. Gorgeous, captivating snapshot of a dysfunctional bromance played out against the backdrop of a disintegrating society. Original and surreal.


  1. Thanks for the recommendations, Michelle. I did read Melissa's Frog/Prince and enjoyed it.

    I would add your Deep at MicroHorror on there. I love little shorts like that.

    1. Thanks, Erin! I like doing recs, because it makes me think about *why* I like something - and how I can learn from it :)

    2. Yes, absolutely! I should do one too.