Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Story at Yellow Mama

Issue #35 of Yellow Mama is out now, including my 1,165 word crime story 'Like a Boss'

There's a very sensible bit of advice that says you should always make sure your second-in-command knows what's going on, in case you get hit by a bus--or a massive heart attack. Jay's boss didn't follow that advice, and now Jay finds himself at a bit of a disadvantage...

The office safe was empty except for a folded bundle of notes that might just about have paid for a couple rounds of beers, his home safe had some fake ID and a rumpled picture of ex-wife number three, the one who disappeared with the alligator wrestler down Florida.  And that was all.  So where in hell was the rest of the stuff?  

Read the rest at Yellow Mama #35

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