Monday, January 28, 2013

This Week, I Have Been Mostly...

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Nice to see a book live up to the hype for once. Loved every calculating, misdirecting, manipulative line.

Short stories: Up to 40 of my 500 target for the year. Faves:

Final Corrections, Pittsburgh Times-Dispatch by M Bennardo  at Daily Science Fiction
This is great fun, with a tremendous dry sense of humour. Original format, and a lovely example of what flash does best: telling you the story without actually telling you the story.

The Cambist and Lord Iron: A Fairytale of Economics by Daniel Abraham, reprinted at Lightspeed
This kind of reminded me of a serious Discworld story. Thoughtful and entertaining, and just goes to show what you can do with Word of the Day-style prompts.

Luna e Volk by Mercedes Yardley in Beautiful Sorrows
Not everything in this collection  has worked for me so far, but this was gorgeous--a poetically violent and tragic love story.

A 5k horror story about two sisters and an ill-judged deal with a demon. Just Say No, kids.

American Horror Story: Asylum. When you find yourself watching from behind a cushion, muttering, 'Please don't let the deranged Nazi rape the dead nun,' this is the only show it can be. It's a mad mix of every horror trope there's ever been, and I love it to death.

That it looks like JJ Abrams is going to direct the new Star Wars films, and a fair few people seem to think this is not good because he fucked up the Star Trek reboot. Yikes, did he? I thought that film was brilliant! It always worries me when that kind of thing happens, because I think, what did I miss?

How to code html, and build epub & mobi files by hand. It's been a hell of a learning curve, but I think I just about climbed it.

One of these: zombie teddy bear How awesome?

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