Saturday, September 26, 2015

Anthology - Dragons, Droids and Doom

Dragons, Droids and Doom, the first-year anthology from Fantasy Scroll Magazine, is out now -- including my dark fantasy story 'The Fine Art of Fortune-Telling'

I’m glad to see the cards. Hope can read anything, and likes to prove it. I’ve watched her read palms, tea leaves, biscuit crumbs, a waste bin full of used tissues and the pattern of dandruff on the shoulders of a man’s jacket. My aunt, the Psychic Dandruff Reader. 

‘What’s your question?’ Hope asks Frizzy. 

‘I want to know when I’m going to meet my future husband,’ Frizzy says. 

Hope rolls her eyes, but hands over the deck. ‘Shuffle.’ 

Frizzy does as she’s told, handling the cards like an expert. She cuts the deck and gives it back to Hope, who turns over the top card. 

‘Nineteen years,’ she says. ‘Next question?’

Read more in Dragons, Droids and Doom: a collection SF, fantasy and horror stories from authors all around the world -- available here

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