Thursday, December 20, 2018

Latest Story News!

Out Now:

For Your Safety and Comfort, Please Keep Arms, Legs and Tentacles Inside the Car At All Times (Fantasy, 3,210 words) was reprinted in Issue 3 of The Weird Reader.

The Visiphorical Art (Supernatural, 917 words) was podcasted at Manawaker studio.

One Free Go (Horror, 2221 words) was reprinted in Issue 41 of The Sirens Call, October 2018

And in the End, They All Lived Happily Ever After (Fantasy, 500 words) was reprinted in Issue 24 of Three Drops from a Cauldron, Nov 2018

Dead Bodies Don't Scream (Horror, 4,033 words) was published in Tales from the Lake Volume 5, from Crystal Lake Publishing, Nov 2018


Sometimes You’re the Windscreen, Sometimes You’re the Fly (Fantasy, 877 words) will be podcasted at Toasted Cake, May 2019.

In the Fog, There's Nothing but Grey (Horror, 1,437 words) will be published in Black Static

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