Monday, October 4, 2021

New Story! 'The Glorious Protection of Angels' in The Lost Librarian's Grave

'Travel through blood-stained vistas set in forgotten pasts, along rolling centuries of iron and pain, into the strange apocalypses of our present day and several possible near futures. Enjoy this diverse collection of horror, occasionally mixed with other ingredients of speculative fiction and leavened with an osseous dusting of bizarre adventures, verse, and weird fiction, written by a loose cabal of thirty-nine authors from around the world. Unearth… The Lost Librarian’s Grave!'

The Lost Librarian’s Grave: Tales of Madness, Horror, and Adventure (Ed. Ann Wycoff, Redwood Press) is out now! 

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  1. And a great story, "A Glorious Protection of Angels is, too." It's... glorious! :)