Sunday, January 22, 2012

Publication News: EDF & Postcard Shorts

I have two new stories up today, There You Are, My Love (999 words) at Every Day Fiction, and Inside (200 words) at Postcard Shorts.

There You Are started life as a characterisation exercise from the Gothan Writers' Workshop Guide to Writing Fiction. Even though she doesn't actually 'appear' in the story, I loved writing Ros because she allowed me to indulge in one of my very favourite things: snarky dialogue. This story is also an example of the wonderful editing process that EDF provide -- I revised this to make Marcus's motiviations clearer at their suggestion, which made it a much better story. Yay for EDF!

Inside is a piece from my Daily Drabble Project, in which I write a drabble (stretching the technical definition into '100 words or a multiple thereof') using the Word of the Day as a prompt. For Inside it was 'perspicacious,' which gave me the line 'Most people don't pay attention the way I do,' and the rest of the story grew around that.

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