Friday, January 20, 2012

Publication News: 'From Today' at Eunoia Review

My 370 word story From Today is now up at the daily fiction/poetry zine Eunoia Review.  Comments and crit always welcome!

I often have film-style dreams where I am a non-participating observer, just watching the action unfold rather than taking any part in it.  This story was one of those dreams, so all I had to do was transcribe it and add Susie's commentary.  It's a glorious thing when it comes that easy :-)

This was a 2011 story so won't count towards my Write 1 Sub 1 stats, but it's always a fantastic boost when a story comes out.  Rejections may get the quantity, but acceptances will always triumph for quality.  Psychological research says it takes at least 5 good things to balance out one negative, but I find it works the other way round in writing -- the thrill of an acceptance easily wipes out the disappointment of all the previous rejections.  I guess that's what keeps us going. 

Yay for positive reinforcement!

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